Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Spun. Like shat. I guess. I'm not really sure if spun actually is a word.

I've been doubting my vocabulary or my ability to compose interesting sentences. Either one. I try to read as much as I can, whether it's Harry Potter and Dark Tower or AVA and Invisibile Monsters. I like reading. The problem is I like reading on the bus or on the Lightrail or train. You know. Motion sickness doesn't occur until you're aware that you're moving and not keeping track of the motion. Is that how sea-sickness works?

I'm trying to keep optimistic about this semester. Optimistic and busy. For example, with 3D Design and Media in American Society, there's a bit of reading and response involved, so I'm trying to keep up by remembering to read a little each day. That way, I don't mess myself.

Last semester was a sure disaster. At least, yeah, I think it was. Literature and Film was an interesting class and many interesting ideas were discussed and debated, but between that Contemporary Art, Painting Fundamentals, Creative Cartooning and Comics, and Illustration I---I barely made it through. I'm extremely thankful for cool professors and my good papers. I hope they were good. I never get back the final papers. I never know what I get on them, or any opinions the professors have on them. I have no idea as to what they think about my ideas. I'd like to know, because I like writing essays (in doses).

Something like that.
I shouldn't be blogging. Though, I do enjoy it (when people respond).

Seacrest out.