Thursday, August 19, 2010

Caution, Pin-up (ver. 1)

I can't stop plugging Instigatorzine 6. It really is a beautiful issue.

This pin-up is also good, but I'm never satisfied with anything I finish. Luckily, I have more interest in this subject matter than I do in others. So, I'll be revisiting this specific subject, probably with more of the figure involved (making it a fully-realized pin-up).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NJCU Gothic Knight

A project for New Jersey City University.

Here is the Gothic Knight, NJCU's logo/mascot.

Here's the Gothic Knight with armor.

Here's the Gothic Knight with armor, again.

I think it's coming out alright. This is one of the cards I was really anticipating to do, since the official Gothic Knight looks like it was done by an amateur.

I think though, with my sketches, there appears to be something odd with the posture. It's either the arms or the legs I have to fix. The arms need to appear like they're going forward, into the image, instead of behind the knight. The right leg appears to be bending.

All need to be fixed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Instigatorzine 6

Instigatorzine 6 is now out in stores. Here is a list of stores that carry Instigatorzine:
  • MoonShadow Comics & Collectibles - Jersey City, NJ
  • Vector Comics - Bayonne, NJ
  • Garden State News - Bayonne, NJ
  • Keep It Fit Cafe - Bayonne, NJ
  • Jim Hanley's Universe - New York, New York
(Check it out! We have FIVE retailers selling our product! Tell your friends! Support Instigatorzine!)

Also, in commemoration of our sixth month of producing this wonderful editorial, IZ6 has two covers by Elias Jimenez and Madelynne Dela Rama, respectively.

Instigatorzine #6 is brought to you by the pin-up. Enjoy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

August: Day Three

I'm trying to keep up. Doesn't look like I will. We'll see.

Know me well enough, and you will find out that I cannot resist a burger. This illustration doesn't even represent my ideal burger. My ideal burger would probably involve mushrooms and swiss.

This is probably most people's ideal burger.

Which burger do you think came out better? I like certain qualities of the first burger, but the second burger stands out more. Tell'em about it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August: Day One

As if I don't have enough to draw, I'm gonna take on this thing that Kelly Cuenca turned me on to.

Apparently, you draw whatever this one person tells you to. Whatever. I just need something else to release through.

Day One: Draw yourself.