Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bungie Leaves Microsoft.

Among other things, I should be writing a term paper comparing the film Alpha Dog and Kafka's The Trial, but I'm here. I'm actually blogging.

For now anyway.

(Because I'm tired from work--I need new shoes. At least I have a vacation this week. Hopefully there's a whopping vacation check, 'cause the manager's a dumbass.)

Working on cartooning homework during the weekend. Hopefully I can start writing something for that term paper.

So, I just read that Bungie, developer of the widely known Halo trilogy, is leaving Microsoft. Not too much of a shocker. I wonder if anyone else really cares.

Here's hoping for a Halo DS. (HAH!)

Wow. This post is all over the place.

Seacrest out.

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