Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've abandoned my blogs.

I have very good reasons for it (I was lazy). Many an event have passed through the times you (my very invisible viewers) have shared together. It's hard to find a point to start discussing the myriad of happenings from blockbuster-comic-book-adaptations-that-may-or-may-not-satisfy to some of the lackluster (I'm talking to you E3) and spectacular (Thank you, SDCC) conventions of the summer. I suppose it's better to take these one at a time, and make sure you poke and prod every little fault until it cries in it's sleep.

Let's take a wild pick.

Video game special edition t-shirts!

Really. Take a look (if evil-mega-corp GameStop hasn't removed the posters already) at Soul Calibur IV. Namco offered special items only if one reserved the software. There was the regular edition, which was the game and a neat little keychain (if you can squeeze it between the seven Batman keyrings you dangle everywhere); then there was the Limited Edition which included several items including a metal case, art book, a tournament card, and a XL T-shirt.

Most of these extra items are fine (if you like unnecessary junk) except for the T-shirt.

There are some logical reasons to supplying ALL reservations with an XL T-shirt, but, come on, Namco, you're not helping us destroy the stereotype of the gamer. Or nerd. Geek. You know.

There's also the thing about all this fluff in the Limited Edition of Soul Calibur IV. I have bought special/limited editions of games in the past, don't get me wrong. I just don't agree with the practice of packaging a video game with objects that are non-essential or don't enrich the video game's experience. What I believe to be a "healthy" limited edition was Mass Effect's release. It came in the standard metal case, behind-the-scenes DVD, artbook, and a booklet containing histories of certain alien races in the game. It had something for everyone.

I have an idea to improve this whole special edition mess. Include downloadable content cards that can be used to redeem a purchase of one DLC.

That's all I've got.


If you must know which was the most useless special edition I bought, it was none other than Soul Calibur II on Nintendo GameCube. Limited Edition (printed) painting of Link and an XL T-shirt.

I have not seen those items since the game was released.

Hey! It was an Ivy shirt.

She's got breasts.

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