Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm sad.

I'm sad that I haven't been able to post here since whenever it was.

I'm almost literally depressed that I haven't really been able to draw, because that's what I do.

I guess.

Here's what I have been doing (other than that Color class no one knows about):

Lettering & Type Design (with Campbell)


Elios: The Hairiest Man in Greece (with Elias and Mad)

I'm inking page three!

Caution (Comic Book project for BFA Exhibit)

Here's an excerpt from the script:


Four horizontal, silhouetted panels featuring one figure defending himself/fighting one hulking figure. Some of the background can be seen as simple diagrammatic lines. Maybe.


One figure dodges a heavy punch by crouching. The attacking figure is massive, hulkish, and wearing a suit.

MANNY (caption): A lot of people wonder about heroes. The fictional ones.

(caption2): Like Hercules, Sherlock Holmes, or even Spider-Man.


We see the hulkish-suit swing in a backhand motion as he recovers from the heavy punch he just missed. The smaller figure quickly lunges his torso backwards in an effort to dodge the backhand. His hand is almost reaching out to push against something.

MANNY (caption): They wish they had a life that was more exciting. "My life would be more exciting if I was slaying a dragon," they ponder.

(caption2): I say, "You don't know that."


Side view, whole body. The smaller figure tucks and rolls betwen the hulk's legs as the hulkish smashes through a crate with two fists.

MANNY (caption): People say FML like it will save the ecosystem or cure cancer. Like a prayer.

(caption2): People hate the lives they lead. They want to escape their lives. They want to be someone else.


We are close to the front of the hulkish figure. The smaller one springs in the air, about to land a kick in his back.

MANNY (caption): I just want to be normal.

Hopefully things return to a normal state after December.


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