Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ten minutes is all you need.

For "Decorating the Deans' Offices".

When anyone says "ten minutes," they usually mean ten or fifteen. I know, when I pick a specific person to go out or go to school or to open the door. I had to wait fifteen to twenty minutes.

That doesn't happen anymore, but it was cold when I didn't have a car, waiting by the door.

I really should try to finish writing other things, but I'm blurbing here because I can, and I'm trying to keep up my promise to publish something at least once a week here (on my blog which ports to Facebook) and Area221. I'll put links up at the end.

While I'm plugging, The Instigator magazine's first issue will be printed, I believe, next week. It's a really interesting start-up mag in a time when editorials are dropping like flies. So look out for this where ever you think you may find magazines. Or Keith Chiappone.

The Instigator -

Area 221 -

Nar-core -

I'll be back next week with Blogload 2! (I hope).

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