Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Instigator Vol 01, Issue 2.

(It isn't very professional or aspiring for me not to update my blog, so I apologize to you, the seven people who follow and the few who get linked on Facebook.)

The Instigator's second issue is being printed this week and features work by some people you may know! Many are associated with New Jersey City University, so it may be clever and somewhat becoming to call it the "Unofficial" Literature and Art Magazine of NJCU. In case you don't live around the Hudson county area, you can visit for subscriptions and digital PDFs of the magazine. On the website you can visit the forum, see who runs the darn thing, and check out upcoming events. Yes, we have events.

Recent events have pushed me to create yet another blog @Tumblr. My Tumblr account motivated me to finalize my potential website name, too. Visit!:

The following image was done as participation in an NJCU Art and Design Association Secret Santa three months ago. Jared Reyes loves pandas so much he wants more of them roaming. Here's one way to make more:

Yes, it's titled "Bamboo Banger".

Yes, I'm aware it's a M.I.A. track.

Yes, the blog is completed.

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