Saturday, November 13, 2010

Winter Scene

I won't have access to a scanner in the next two days, but I'll try to upload something I did not too long ago. In fact, it was a week ago. Two weeks ago.

I was selected to develop a painting for the Vice President of NJCU. Well, me and Stephanie Herrera. The VP had an art auction going on, and wanted some student artwork in it, too.

To cut some corners, I made this illustration into a letter for a greeting card I was also a part of developing. Obviously, I had the letter 'E' to illustrate, but I wanted to to a nighttime scene, as opposed to the obvious snow man for the winter greeting card.

See you here in two days.


  1. I'm all into this. I mean, we have plenty of the snowman scenery with happy-happy-joy-joy abound, but this is quite realistic of winter. It looks good, to be honest, which goes to show you don't need any of that recycled stuff we've grown accustomed too.

    I'm very jealous of you right now. ;-)

  2. Thanks, Ken! There's no reason to be jealous of me, by the way. I'm only graduating in the spring! You're all through with school!

  3. Not really... I didn't graduate. Made a lot of stupid decisions. It's safe to say the bridge was burned, old friend. Of course, despite what the Art Institute says, you don't need art school to be a successful artist.

    I'll prove it.