Sunday, April 17, 2011

BFA Cover

I can't imagine that I won't draw a new cover for whenever this series will be released.

I have good experiences whenever I do draw another cover or pin-up of Caution. It motivates me, I suppose.

I've come to like this version more, because it's less super-hero and more intriguing as an image. There's some kind of mystery to this cover than the other ones I did. Maybe because those other ones were spoofing other classic comic covers. Covering covers.

"Tales of Caution" - Monday, May 2, 2011 @4.30p-7.30p in NJCU GSUB Gallery. (Second day of A221's Sketch-a-Day-in-May, I know. Honestly, I'm just as excited for SADIM as I am for my show.)



  1. He looks scarier, but awesome none the less.

  2. Thanks, Ken! Darker may be a better look.

  3. i love this piece--the bright yellow contrasts so greatly with the rest of the work. also, you did a really nice job on the hands and the shadows on the fingers!

  4. Hey Evee! Thanks for the words! You've got a nice blog, too.

  5. cannot waiiitttt.

    So. Cause I dropped from the face of the Earth, I've also been dropped on Area 221. lol..