Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back in Your Head

Here's who is probably my best friend for millenia to come, Stephanie Herrera, who, by the way, just started a blog! Hooray for Steph!

You can't lie and say you don't have trouble drawing women. Pretty ones, at that. I was considering using her as a model for one of the characters who gets intimate with Caution, but then I thought it was really, really weird, considering Caution is based from my younger brother, Manuel Espiritu. The hunt continues for that character opposite Caution.

Anyway, this image is a breakdown of how I continue to struggle with Stephanie's drawn version. At least, MY drawn version. I'm not necessarily asking for help, but it is welcome.

I just wanted to post this because, I think Steph's a great artist.
And I like Stephanie Herrera.

A lot.



  1. Hm, not sure how close you're trying to make it look like her, but it seems to me that you gradually lost some likeness as you inked.

    The first sketch looks the most like the original gangster. Though the hair ink on the last looks great.

    Anyway, examining the Steph pic a bit more, it seerms that what would give you a more definitive Herera likeness is really defining those eyes. Which makes sense considering that's what people often block out in pictures when they want to keep someone's identity hidden.

    I'd say the reason the first sketch works (aside from the lack of lop sided hair your first ink suffers from) is the attention to the eyes. Had you defined the eyelashes more in the second ink attempt, it may have worked better. Also, arch the eye brows some more.

    Lastly, you thinned out her face too much in the last 2. Her cheek bones (at least i think those are cheek bones) add a good amount of width to her face. Something you kept but rounded off in your first sketch, which I think worked well.

    Anyway, that's it for the crit, hope it helps.

    Also, I still stand by you just making yourself Caustic boy-man. Okay bye.

  2. Very constructive! With power drills and steel beams!

    I'll take everything into consideration, Elias.