Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some things.

So, with this being a new year, I decided to change how I'm blogging. I'm gonna try to put more effort into these posts, as opposed to simply uploading an image and publishing.

These first two images are just some of the ink washes I used as experiments to try and find out how to do a certain effect. They looked pretty plain before I scanned them, but after putting the washes through Photoshop, the effect was more obvious.

The actual source of my inspiration for playing around with these is on Sean Phillips' blog, where he once posted an illustration of The Shadow in Incognito #1.

As you can observe, I didn't quite achieve the same visual that Phillips did, but I'm getting there, I think. Maybe I have to change my surface.

The next couple of sketches were done on the subway while dropping off some things in Brooklyn.

They're really sloppy (as they were done on a couple of bouncy trains). Pretty sure the first one is of a woman's interesting purse, sitting on her lap. A lot of textures there. The second sketch is of two different people. One strap-hanger, one woman digging through her bag. Try to find her face among the ink.

Last but not first, more instruments I drew for my little brother's music project.
Percussion. (Harp? I didn't know that.)

Until next time!

(The new year isn't quite so happy, by the way.)

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