Sunday, March 13, 2011

(It was) Batman Week on Area 221

Yeah, so some time ago, I said I would be scarce here, but that didn't mean I'd be rare everywhere else. I kind of started a daily challenge on Area 221, an artist collective we started at my school. I'm trying to get people back to the blog, but so far my efforts have been mostly fruitless. I understand if other students are busy, but the graduates should have some free time. Maybe I'm just trying too hard, I don't know.

This past week was devoted to a daily drawing of Batman rogues. Here they are in order:

Calendar Man

Poison Ivy

Killer Croc

Great White Shark

Mr. Freeze

I really use the whole daily challenge thing to experiment with different styles and methods. You'll notice some of these illustrations rely heavily on reference, while others don't. I'm going to continue with the daily challenge as best I can, even if no one else is participating. I'll probably end up posting up the process drawings I had sometime in the future.

Next week...Nintendo characters.

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